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Completion of St Thomas More High School

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We are extremely pleased to announce that the new build at our most recently completed education project has now been occupied. We are happy to have handed the build back to the Headteacher and staff of St Thomas More High School in time for the children to return from their summer holiday break and hope that this vibrant building has a positive impact on all those who walk through it’s doors.

This impressive new building was constructed using alternative methods due to the site being within close proximity of London Southend Airport. The use of cranes were not permissible during the build, but working alongside Contracts Administrator Ingleton Wood, we found new ways of delivering the construction of a steel frame building, with hollow rib steel deck in situ cast floors, 12 new classrooms, amenity spaces, ICT Suites and multi-purpose studios.  

Internally we created spaces with a modern and contemporary feel. We decorated with creative feature walls forming an interesting and engaging place for learning standing true to our promise of future innovation. The entrance is a key part of this build, and it forms an impressive full height access corridor in the heart of the building, boasting a great feeling of openness to all that pass through it’s doors. The finishing touch of laser cut signs and two storey, full height curtain wall screens also completed the façade to add to this impactful entrance lobby.

A teacher can perform their role best when they’re given the right tools for the job, and this starts with their working environment. Managing Director Tom Davis said, “Delivering an innovative yet practical school build that inspires the staff and students, present and future was really important to us. Creating an interesting space was a big priority. St Thomas More has been diverse and vibrant from the start, and we are happy to see this creative place for learning now in use”.   

The external façade followed suit to the creative undertone and consisted of traditional brickwork and contemporary Trespa cladding with Aluminium windows. As part of the works we were also commissioned to install new Multi Use sports pitches within the school grounds to enhance the school’s sports future. This was carried out by a specialist sub-contractor in the 2018 Summer Holidays before moving forward with the main build.  

The project as a whole presented many challenges, both in design and in the logistics of its construction, but with our innovative approach, specialist knowledge of construction in the education sector and history of delivering high-quality projects, as a team we are glad to have handed over a brilliant school build, which we sincerely hope enhances the future of all those at St Thomas More.

Photo Credit to Ingleton Wood LLP 

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