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Salvation Army Hadleigh Temple - A timelapse video

Salvation Army Cottages

You may recall that last year we were tasked with delivering the new Hadleigh Temple Salvation Army ‘Cottages’. The work, which began in July and was valued at £300,000, involved the demolition of their existing building and the construction of a new energy-efficient building to replace it.

The aim of the project was to maintain the character of the original cladded building, whilst enhancing functionality with all-new features, such as updated lighting, heating and security systems.

The build itself posed a number of challenges, including a tight site located next to a very busy road. However, our attention to detail during the planning phase of this project allowed these challenges to be overcome effectively and the project was completed by the December deadline.

The building had its official opening back in January, and is set to be used for range of small group activities, including Alpha Courses and Bible Studies. Furthermore, the Salvation Army may use the building as part of their Employment Plus programme, hosting a ‘Job Club’. We are delighted to have been involved with this project and hope that the new building will be as well used and loved as the original.

The project took place over a 20-week period from July to December 2016. In our timelapse video below, you can view the work from the initial stages right through to completion:

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