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Basildon Hospital X-ray Department Contract


We’re X-cited to announce that we’ll be undertaking the relocation and remodelling of the Basildon Hospital X-ray department. Valued at £1.3m, work will begin in early September and take place in four phases, so that patients do not lose access to the vital services that the department provides.

First we’ll form an area in the basement, which will comprise of new offices, administration areas, toilets and a kitchen. This is where staff will be relocated to so we can begin the remodelling work. We’ll have to create new partition and install ventilation, power, lighting, doors, flooring and new partitions before we can decorate, to ensure that they are comfortable in their new home.

Next, the remodel itself will take place. We’ll build a new X-ray room with lead lined walls and purpose built lead lined doors to house the new, state of the art X-ray machine which is to be installed.

Following this, we’ll strip out the old department to create a new layout. We’ll form new bed areas, toilets and upgrade all fire doors. New flooring and suspended ceilings will be added, along with lighting and ventilation. We will also be altering the existing medical gas and nurse call systems before finalising the department’s décor.

We can’t wait to get started on creating a comfortable and practical new department for patients and staff!

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